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Medical Care Service

Hospital Transfer

Free service from the travel agency
Pick-up service from the accommodation to the hospital
This service is optional. Please check with your travel agency whether it is free of charge or not.
Ambulance Service
Ambulance service for medical patients in poor physical condition from the accommodation to the hospital

Medical Staff Consultation & Procedure

Medical specialist coordinator meeting
Medical specialist coordinators or staff from the International Healthcare Center will help with all reservation schedules & medical services for international patients.
Health insurance service
Advance meetings will be conducted to help understand the demands of international patients and to forward them to medical staff.
Medical staff consultation & procedure
Medical specialist staff who can speak foreign languages will conduct consultations and operations, and will also provide help with consultation of the patient's own country.


Hospitalization treatment
Hospitalization treatment will be available in accordance with the results of medical consultation and operation.
24 hours a day for VIP 1:1 services