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Purpose of stay

The scope of activities & employment activities in Korea
  • Foreigners are able to stay within the permitted scope according to the status & period of staying, and political activities are not allowed except for the case that law allows.
  • Foreigners who want to work in Korea must have a visa that entitles them to the employment activities, and work only in the place of work reported to and designated by a local or district Immigration office, in advance. In case of changing the working place, you should report it to the local or district Immigration office.
  • Work-related visas.
  • Temporary employment (C-4), Teaching (E-1), Foreign Language Teaching (E-2), Research (E-3), Technology transfer (E-4), News coverage (E-5), Arts/entertainment (E-6), Specially Designated Activities (E-7), Employment after Industrial Training (E-8), Nonprofessional Employment (E-9), Labor Aboard (E-10), Working Holiday (H-1), Residence (F-2), Overseas Koreans (F-4), Permanent Residence (F-5), Working Visit (H-1)
  • It is forbidden by law to hire or recommend/arrange hiring of a foreigner who doesn??™t have a proper status of stay to work in Korea.

Duration of stay

Foreigner stay : Foreigner stay is divided into the following categories.
  • Short-term stay: up to 90 days
  • Long-term stay: more than 91 days
  • Permanent residency: unlimited stay
    ※ Those who enter for long-term stay or permanent residency must register as a foreigner or file a residency report within 90 days of entry.

Extension of stay

Process for permission of extension of stay.
  • Application period : before expiration date
  • Other : application for permission of extention of stay / passport / foreigner registration card(if applicable) / additional documents required for each status of stay / fee 30,000KRW for 20,000KRW for F-2 visa holders
  • Applicant
  • Application for permission of extension of stay : local immigration office or branch office under relevant jurisdictions
  • Permission : permission of extension affixed on passport
  • Rejection : informing the reason for rejection
What is extension of stay?
  • Foreigners who wish to continue to stay in Korea after expiration of the permission of stay must receive permission of extension of stay
  • When to apply for permission of extension of stay
    • The foreigner should apply anytime between 2 months before expiration of the permission of stay and the expiration date.
    • Application made after expiration date will result in a fine. (Immigration Control Act, Article 25)
How to apply for permission of extension of stay.
  • Principal or the principal is agent brings required documents (check the documents required for each status of stay) to Immigration Office having jurisdiction.
  • Application can be made if the principal sojourns in Korea on the day of application (Applications made overseas or by principal is agent in Korea while the principal stays abroad are not accepted.)