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Departure Formalities

  • Propess for check-in
  • Customs inspection
  • Security inspection
  • Departure
  • Boarding
Process for check-in

Check-in at Airlines check-in counter. If baggage is needed for customs inspection, report it to the customs inspection center. An over-sized baggage should be processed at the over-sized baggage center.

Customs inspection

For those who possess US$10,000 to US$50,000, report to the customs inspection center without fail upon departure and anyone who possesses US$50,000 or more is required to report to the bank of Korea.
(information on customs inspection : 051-972~3100)

Security inspection

If you finished the check-in process and customs report, move to the departure process to get security check. Carry-ons for the flight are allowed for only 55cm(W) x 40cm(L) x 20cm(H) (within total 115cm) and weight 10kg or less. Travelers are prohibited from bringing dangerous items on board for travelers safety.

Departure procedures

Please wait at the waiting line and if it is your turn, present passport, flight ticket and an entry/departure form to inspection official.


Boarding time is 40 minutes prior to departure.