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Foreigner Registration


  • Registration period : within 90 days of entry
  • foreigners who are granted permission of stay or permission for staus change
    when they are granted thr permission
  • Document to attach : foreigner registration / application form / passport / 1 color picture (3X4 cm) /
    Other documents required for each status of stay fee : KRW 10,000
  • Submission of application for foreigner registration : Immigration office or branch office under relevant jurisdictions
  • Issuance of foreigner registration card : registration as foreigner affixed to passport

Those eligible for foreigner registration

  • Exceptions to foreigner registration
  • A Korean who lost Korean nationality and acquired foreign nationality or a foreigner born in Korea, who are granted permission to stay in Korea and intend to sojourn in Korea for more than 90 days after the day they receive the permission.
    • Foreigner registration is exempted for foreigners that fall under the following categories.
    • Those who carry out diplomacy or official business and their family members (A-1, A-2, A-3).
    • Foreigners that the Korean Minister of Justice finds unnecessary to register as a foreigner.
    • Canadian nationals staying in Korea less than 6 months, who intend to engage in the following activities Culture/Arts (D-1), Religious Work (D-6), Visit & Stay with Family (F1), Family Dependency (F-3), others (G-1).

Period of foreigner registration

  • Foreigners intending to stay in Korea for more than 90 days within 90 days after entry.
  • Foreigners who are granted permission to stay in Korea or permission to change their status of stay immediately after they are granted permission.

Ex) A Canadian national holding B-2 (Tourist/Transit) visa who wished to apply for change in his/her status of stay after 5 months sojourn in Korea must register upon application.