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Busan Haewundae-gu U-dong 1078-6(7, 8F)
“Qualified and experienced medical staff and more upgraded medical services: Cooperative medical treatment with neighboring medical centers and kind consulting coordinators) Busan Ye Dental Clinic runs with cooperative medical services with neighboring medical centers, serving qualified medical treatment. In addition, our warm medical consulting coordinators will efficiently help you get treated, not wasting your valuable time. ▷ Dental Implant Operation Room (Sterilized air purifier, Air Shower, Implant operation-tailored Room, laser Implant) Busan Ye Dental Clinic is equipped with dental implant operation rooms and an air-purifier for sterilization, which aims to remove bacteria for operation perfectness. In addition, installed sterilizers help rid blood and saliva on the operation equipment for clean and perfect operations. ▷ Introduction of Preventive Dental Treatment (Preventive Dental Clinic for Lifelong Dental Health) As in advanced countries, Ye Dental Clinic also introduces the concept of preventive dental treatment from childhood for lifelong dental health. By adapting this preventive dental treatment concept, we serve all patients with quality dental clinic services. ▷ Introduction of Dental Spa Our customers can enjoy aroma therapy, aroma oil hand massage, and Spa Chair experiences before and after dental treatment in Ye-Spa Room, which makes users feel comfortable and relaxes their muscles.
20, Centum 3-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan, Korea
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Japan, China, USA, Vietnam, South Korea, Russia
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, Dentistry, Dental Prosthetics, Orthodontics

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