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▷ Specialized Treatment for Periorbital fat and Cheek fat By using laser, it is possible to remove periorbital fat; this treatment method is, by slightly pulling the lower eyelash, to incise inner conjunctiva of the eyelash and then remove fat. Patients do not need to worry about scars and can go about their daily life as usual on that day, because the incision is not artificially seamed. More important is that patients can wash and put on make-up the next day. ▷ Drooped Cheek Treatment When getting older, every person can face cheek fat losing its firmness and meet various-shaped wrinkles, losing overall face outlines. At this time, easy lifting treatment is recommendable for healing drooped cheeks. Patients can see the operation effect right after the operation. This treatment does not leave any scars and its effect is semi-permanent.
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