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Moonhill Dongcheon Oriental Clinic
Moon-hill Doncheon Oriental Clinic, as a specialized oriental clinic for detoxification, considers all diseases brought from toxin in the body; therefore, we fundamentally try to heal patients by removing the toxins from the body. In particular, it is important to remove thrombus in blood vessels, which block blood circulation. In addition, by removing cholesterol waste causing chronic fatigue and liver diseases, patients can revitalize their livers. Another feature is to wash off all wastes and harmful germs in the colon and activate useful germs for a healthy colon. More important is that we stress the importance of strengthening spirit and mind, which is good for eliminating mental toxins such as anxiety, pessimistic attitude, jealousy, and despair. For those facing diseases and pains, Moon-hill Doncheon Oriental Clinic concentrates on reliable and kind medical care in a luxurious and quality environment, building up mutually reliable respect. In addition, we pursue offering all of our customers the highest quality treatment services through precise diagnosis and tests, focusing on eliminating the fundamental disease-causing elements.
149, Dalmaji-gil 117beonga-gil, Haeundae-gu, Busan, Korea
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