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Metro station

  • Metro station is the fastest transportation in complex cities. There are Line 1 and Line 2 in Busan Metro station. A section of Line 3 (From Suyoung to Daejeo) is available.
  • Metro station ticket price for 1 section (up to 10 km) is KRW900 and 2 section (over 10km) is ₩1,000. You can buy the ticket from ticket machine in Metro station station. If you use the transportation card, you will be convenient and also get 10% discount.

Fare table

General boarding ticket / Transportation card
Fare table
classification General boarding ticket Transportation card
Adult Teens Children Adult Teens Children
1st section KRW1,300 KRW1,050 KRW650 KRW1,200 KRW950 KRW600
2st section KRW1,500 KRW1,200 KRW750 KRW1,400 KRW1,100 KRW700
  • adult : over 19 years old, teens : 13~18 years old, children 6~12 years old or elementary school students
  • Free of charge (complimentary ticket issued)
    • senior citizens(over 65 years old)
    • patriots(1~7 grade), disabled person who have their own identification card, Gwangju democratic patriots and 1 person who escorts a seriously disabled person
Regular boarding ticket.
Regular boarding ticket.
Period Fare Information
A day ticket KRW4,500 There is no limit of times in the issued day.
A month ticket KRW55,000 available until 60 times within 30 days without section limit
(\2,000 will be charged for initial issuance)
Other discount boarding tickets
Discount rates
Discount rates(Transportaion card) Classification
Adult Teens Children
10% 10% 10% Paper ticket discount 18%~20%