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High-speed train (KTX)

This high-speed rail service connects the nation with speed and convenience, even making cross-country day trips possible. KTX is equipped with facilities for people with disabilities and telephone and fax capabilities, as well as video and audio. Railway tickets can be purchased at train stations or over the Internet. KTX has 20 cars and 935 seats, and can travel at speeds of up to 300km per hour. The seating in economy class compartments features rows of four seats, 808 seats in all, while the roomier first class compartments have 3 seats across, and a total of 127 seats.

Regular express trains: Mugunghwa and Saemaeul

  • Saemaeul (Super-express train): This is the fastest among regular rail services, stopping at most major cities. Amenities such as mobile wireless public phones and a dining car are provided. The length of the Saemaeul varies, ranging from 5 to 12 train cars.
  • Mugunghwa (Express train): Since it features the most railway lines and is suitable for travelers, the Mugunghwa has the largest number of passengers. Standing room is available, and seats are less roomy than those of the Saemaeul.
Regular express trains
Busan → Seoul
(Fare shown is based on one adult traveling on a weekday)
Train category Travel time Economy class fare First class fare
KTX 2hours 40minutes KRW59,800 KRW83,700
Saemaeul 5hours KRW42,600 -
Mugungwha 5hours 30minutes KRW28,600 -

※The information above id subject to change, according to the current status of Korail.