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Interpretation/Call Center

Medical Help Center : +82-2-1577-7129

Korea Health Industry Development Institute
  • Support
    • Support available for complaints by international patients and for emergency
    • In case of medical malpractice, consultation for dispute settlement and proxy service for application for grievance mediation procedure will be available.
  • Languages: consulting services available in English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and Arabic
  • Opening hours: open 24 hours a day
  • Telephone: +82-2-1577-7129
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Busan Emergency Medical Information Center : +82-51-119

Busan Emergency Medical Information Center
  • Support : Information for medical consulting and organizations for international patients
  • Languages : consulting services available in English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and Korean
  • Opening hours : open 24 hours a day
  • Contacts : Dial +82-51-119
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Interpreting Service for International Patients : +82-51-461-4275~7

Busan Emergency Medical Information Center
  • Support: Interpreting service for international patients when visiting and receiving medical services in medical organizations
  • Volunteer interpreters for foreign languages
    • 2620 volunteers in 4 different Language(English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian)
    • English (126), Chinese (66), Japanese (68), Russian (8)
  • How to get help
    • Service application available from medical organizations in Busan. Individual applications are not accepted.
    • Since the interpreters are volunteers, advance application is available for smooth connection with interpreters, to keep up with the schedule at the medical organization.
  • Inquiries : +82-51-461-4275~7 / the Bureau of Busan Medical Industry Association
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Foreigner Help Center : +82-51-1577-7716

Foreigner Help Center
  • Support: Living guide & legal consultation (law, medicine, departure & arrival, etc.)
  • Languages: English, Chinese, Indonesian, Vietnamese
  • Opening hours: 10AM ~ 6Pm, Monday ~ Friday
  • Contacts: +82-51-1577-7716
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bbb Interpreting Service for Foreigners : +82-2-725-9108~9

bbb Interpreting Service for Foreigners
  • Ask bbb for help when you have language barriers in Korea. More than 4,600 volunteer interpreters will help you in 19 different languages.
  • bbb service is provided purely by volunteer workers, so you don't need to separately register or pay fees for this service.
  • Please be advised that it may take some time for the interpreter to answer the call, or you may not be transferred to the interpreter on your first try. In that case, please take some time and try again.
  • How to get help
    • Dial +82-2-725-9108~9 and ask for the service
    • You will hear ARS in different languages. Please press the number for the language service you want. Please refer to the following extension numbers for languages.
    • The switchboard will then transfer your call to the cellular phone of bbb members who speak the language.
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Tourist Information Service : +82-51-1330

Korea Tourist Service
  • Support: 24-hour tourist & interpreting service
  • How to get help
    • Landline, public phones: Dial 1330
    • Cellular phones: 051-1330 (Busan Tourist Information)
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